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Mold can be costly, difficult to remove, and dangerous for your health. Improperly handled water damage can lead to mold. If the mold is left unchecked, it could further result in reduced indoor air quality and an unsafe environment. If your home or commercial building has a mold problem, don’t hesitate to enlist our certified restoration specialists to help you remove mold and restore your property.


Our experts have been thoroughly trained in the most advanced mold remediation techniques. Their training includes safety measures, engineering controls, containment methods and how to use standard approved work practices and professionalism. Needless to say, when you hire Restoration 1 for your restoration property needs, you’re hiring quality, transparency and efficiency at a fair price.

Our Restoration 1 team of Westfield mold removal experts only use the most advanced tools and equipment to make sure your home is free of mold and your family is safe. Among our preferred tools are the following:

  • Inspection tools. Mold can easily hide in hard-to-reach areas where you might not immediately see it. Our experts always carry specialized inspection tools, to make sure no mold spore goes undetected.

  • Thermo-hygrometer. This effective tool provides temperature and relative humidity readings.

  • Moisture sensors and moisture meters. Moisture can make mold growth even without actual water damage. Our moisture sensors and meters will help us detect the presence of moisture to spot the spores on their tracks.

Restoration 1 Of Hamilton County Van

Our Westfield mold damage restoration team is ready to respond to your water damage emergency 24/7.

Call us for fast response (317) 773-2211.

We Work With Your Insurance
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